Interview with Ernest Pierce regarding DTLA Project

Ernest Pierce an rising actor/model within the Los Angeles, CA area has just booked a new television show entitled DTLA. This new television show is produced by Outtv and deems itself as the new “Sex in the City,” meets “Queer as Folk.” I believe this show will raise awareness and entertain the non-traditional stereotypical genres that many Americans as well as people around the world face.” Ernest Pierce says. Ernest goes on to mention that he plays a Powerhouse Entertainment Lawyer by the name of Stefan Braxton living in Downtown, Los Angeles.

Alex: Why did you decide to take on this character?

DTLA Television Series

EP: Well Alex, as an actor, I love challenging myself with new character whereby I feel I can justify their means of existence. This character spoke to me because I feel as though, I have the guts to bring him to life.

Alex: What is a something about this character that you feel challenges you as an actor?

EP: Well for one, Stefan is a bisexual anal retentive lawyer who has no remorse for anything that he does or says. For me to related to all or any of those things definitely had me going to places that I would have never considered in my normal everyday life.

Alex: Oh wow, so you get busy with men and women, with a pretty much love em’ and leave em’ personality?

EP: I believe that Stefan is finding out what it is that he wants our of life. While doing background on the topics of bisexuality many people say that they are a bit confused. For this character one thing that he is not is confused, he understands exactly what he wants and he has the ability to live his life very normal just with the options of dating men/women. I think it’s interesting personally.

Alex: Wow! That’s pretty different. So, you have some hot and steamy scenes in the project?

EP: Yes, Alex, I am in the buff. Ha ha….

Alex: So, what’s it life to work with Darryl Stephens, Lunelle, I Love New York and some of the other cast members…?

EP: It was a pleasure to work with so many innovative and talented cast members. I have learned to adapt to every situation and when I walked on set, everyday I felt like I was meeting with my family. I have a blast!

Alex: Awesome! Well Ernest, I know you have a crazy busy schedule. What else are you working on?

EP: Well, I just finished up a new high fashion photo spread for an up and coming catologue and have two other shoots scheduled this year. Two feature films with ACP Productions and Lions-gate and scheduled for three short Independent films. People can follow me on twitter to find out more details of those projects. I am just excited to stay busy here in LA. I’m a blessed guy.

Alex: Ernest, thank you for taking the time and stopping by to meeting with us. We wish you the best in your work this year.

EP: Thank you for having me Alex.

It was a pleasure meeting with Ernest Pierce this afternoon. I’ve seen many actors move here from the Midwest who thinks “making it in LA” just falls as your feet. I have to tell you it does not. But I have seen this talented guy grow over the years and he is definitely a rising star to keep watching.
This is Alex Mendez from Popular People Publicity.
February 28th, 2012.

New Television Series DTLA co-starring Ernest Pierce

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