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A New Media Web Series entitled VAMP is hitting the world wide web late this fall/early winter and it is set to have a very tasty cast. With innovative writing and a background plot that separates them from the rest, the show VAMPtheseries definitely gives us a new spin on the term VAMP. We were able to take a sneak peak of the Show’s Bible to see what makes this series a bite to desire; and trust us, we are quite enticed. BITE ME, truly has a new meaning in this show. We created this blog for the fans to keep up with the finding and sneak peaks with the show. 


The show is set to star Erik Kowalski; from the show “They Live Among Us” a Milwaukee native plays the character of Trifoles; a VAMP nightwalker with a short temper and an appetite for trouble. Also the leading the cast if Ernest Pierce from the show  “Damien’s Quest“, “DTLA“, which also started as a kick-starter program turned Cable Network Show on the LOGO Network. Ernest plays Thaddeus, the half-breed brother of Trifoles with an unpredictable attitude and a sexual nature that always keeps him in trouble. But then again, aren’t VAMPs supposed to be naughty? I guess we all will have to wait to find out. A couple of fresh newcomers are set to hit the computer screen as well, Joelle Nguyen, Mike Whyte, Linda Gish and Joshua Lee Young all co-star as the Daniel’s Family. Let us say this family isn’t your run of the mill Happy Day’s family. Leading the bunch of VAMP‘s is Sylvianne Chebance as Logelika; a conflicted firecracker of a VAMP, she is proving to be more than a handful of desire and bloody messes. Sylvianne originally from Germany co-starred in the series Horrible People, True Blood and Hollywood Angels. 


So, we asked the show’s creator, who decided keep much information under wraps; what makes this show so different than all the current shows airing? The reply was “Nothing, and yet oh so much”; he laughed. We hear that the show will touch on the origination of VAMP‘s and the hybrid nature of their whereabouts. The multicultural cast is  “a true representation of a set of VAMP‘s dealing with their humanity, genetic codes and abilities. The relationships and challenges of being who they are in contemporary LA; not to mention all being a different breed of species from the majority. Any of course, a lot of sex, drugs, love, hate and the alter. These VAMPs not only represent the everyday person, they deal with the same challenges that humans deal with not to mention; they are genetically half human! “WAIT” Is that a spoiler? Are we allowed to release that?; well the creator says “A great deal of them are half-breeds with a heightened sense of life and gifts”; but that’s only a small inkling, and yes, it was ok to release that little bit of information. But there is so much more to this story. 


Already on their 7th week of filming this cast is full and set to have over seven episodes scheduled with many surprises and unpredictable settings. The show brings in multi-co-stars, multiple languages and much, much, more crossing the spectrum of many shows. Some of the supporting cast members consist of Tasha Biltmore from “The Conversation“, stage play, Najee Detiege of Nickelodeon’s “Power Rangers“, Mycole Metcalf, “The Way to Paradise“, Anita Davenport and set to rally up the clan is Bruce Hart from the shows;  “Boystown, Old Dog New Tricks and Creep Creepersin’s Dracula“; the list goes on with this cast. There also is a couple of surprise guest stars throughout the series.


VAMP the series is currently in production with the official trailer set to release sometime in late October, early November. For more exciting information, join this cast and crew on Also, follow them on twitter #vamptheseries and lookout for new and great info from this show!





Ernest Pierce joins the Red Carpet with the Cast of VAMP the series

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Ernest Pierce joins the Red Carpet with the Cast of VAMP the series

Ernest Pierce joins the Multicultural Motion Picture Association at the Pre Emmy Party in Hollywood with the Cast of VAMP the series.