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Ernest Pierce with co-star ensemble in the new 2017 film “Make America Great Again?” written and directed by Candice Vernon.

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It’s 2021, the beginning of the second term after the most anticipated Presidential election in 2016. The 13th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution have been rewritten. Minorities have become illegal Aliens in an attempt to throw all disenfranchised groups in concentration camps, separating them from normal society as we know it. In Los Angeles, we meet a small group of runaways hiding out in an abandoned church debating how to get out the country. While the tone is overly dramatic and comical, it is through their conversations we learn about each characters struggles with identity and self acceptance. Although they butt heads in the beginning they ultimately form a bond of unity to survive.
Check out some behind the scenes and sneak peaks of the film and the trailer!

Make America Great Again? Ernest Pierce