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Ernest Pierce Comedy Reel

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Ernest Pierce Theatrical Reel

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Ernest Pierce Theatrical Reel




Damien’s Quest Episode 1.1 Live and Running

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This month Ernest Pierce embarked on a new venture of a Web Series entitled “Damien’s Quest”.

The hot executive lives in Los Angeles living a live of a no holds bar professional who just loves to live life any way he pleases. With complicated scenarios and moments that keep us wanting more, this New Web Series has just received over 1000 views within the first couple of hours. Seems like Damien and his co-stars are striking a new wave of the Internet Entertainment Industry. Feel free to check out the web series on a variety of venues online. As for now, I will post the first episode here for your eager beavers to take a snatch of a look!

Some of the featured actors in this show is the newcomer L.A. Dillard, Anita Davenport, Kris Jacobs and Eric Dean…(The full cast list is expected to grow with guest stars over the next 5 episodes….)


Also this wonderful series has a facebook page located at:

Show some love and follow their episodic venture….

Some of the featured actors in this show is the newcomer L.A. Dillard, Anita Davenport, Kris Jacobs and Eric Dean


Ernest Pierce attends “All Things Hollywood” Film Festival

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This month, Ernest Pierce attended the All Things Hollywood Film Festival. This is the first annual film festival with this organization. To show support Ernest Pierce & Lloyd Stephen Knight of Lloyd Stephen Knight Casting stopped through. A fantastic crowd were in attendance where the top four films were on display for each genre. Feel free to check out more information at


All Things Hollywood Film Festival with Ernest Pierce

Ernest Pierce Interviews with Cox Television Station

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Christianity and the Arts play a large role in many peoples around the world. Did you know that Ernest used to work as an educational instructor for the Chicago Public High Schools and Charter School system? Additionally, Ernest volunteered over twenty hours a week for many years giving back to underprivileged youth seeking an outlet in the arts where there were no funding available. I had the chance to ask Ernest a few questions about his experience in Chicago.

TM: Hey Ernest, good to see you again…

EP: Thanks Tony, I can’t help it, you’re keeping tabs on me with your blogs. Hahah…

TM: So, you used to work, teaching at the Chicago Public High Schools and Charter Elementary Schools?

EP: Oh wow, the memories, yes…

TM: What was that like?

EP: It was breathtaking. To see a children develop in the arts and express themselves so freely through the medium of acting and music, I was blessed to have experienced that in my life. I was able to help teach, train and provide these students with skills on and off stage.

TM: So, is that something you plan to continue?

EP: Always Tony, one reason that I am an actor is because I am able to reach others and give back in so many ways. I know what it is like to grow up in the inner city of Chicago of Englewood. When someone believes in you, it makes a huge difference. I learn when I am with them.

TM:  Have you had the chance to give back here in Los Angeles?

EP: I try my best as much as I can to reach out to some of the inner city schools. I helped a friend Mike Kerr the principal of KIPP Empower Academy in Los Angeles earlier in the year set up his new, moving some things around and setting up some of the classrooms. Totally loved it!

TM: Recently, you just interviewed with Sheila Stephens a Christian Host of Cox Television Station and Entrepreneur about a recent project you just worked on.

EP: Yes, I played a character in the film “SWORDPLAY” by Tami Devine, that found the cure of Breast Cancer. Wow, that was a pretty great role! It was an honor to work with so many inspirational people. Keeps me doing what I do! Sheila was apart of this project and asked me to join her in a new project for her television show.

TM: Seems like you just keep it moving forward! Congrats on all your work. Looking forward to chatting with you some more. Below everyone can read about Sheila and some of her interactions with the Public and Outreach Programs.

EP: Thanks Tony….

COX Television Station

Ernest Pierce with Sheila Stephens

Ernest Pierce joins Rowby Goren on new Webseries

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This month Ernest Pierce joined Rowby Goren on a new comedy web series called “Super Secret Service Agency where he plays Special Agent Davis.

Rowby Goren an Emmy Award Winning writer specializing in comedy. He was a part of the writing team of the comedy series Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, created by George Schlatter.[2] Goren’s writing talents range from variety shows to situation comedy, game shows, cartoons, as well as directing Joe Roth and Neal Israel‘s comedy feature Cracking Up. Goren was a part of Joe Roth and Neal Israel’s cult video Tunnel Vision. Goren won an Emmy for writing Hollywood Squares. He also wrote for numerous cartoon series including Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Berenstain Bears, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Tiny Toon Adventures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as well as Saturday morning series such as various Sid and Marty Krofft‘s H.R. Pufnstuf series. Currently Rowby Goren and Rick Jenkins are the Executive Producers at Screen Magic Motion Pictures, which is the short films division of Empire Media Enterprises. The new episode consist of a number of talented actors. Feel free to check out the episode below…


Comedy Team for Super Secret Service

Rowby Comedies has been fortunate to work with some of the most creative, talented and enthusiastic people in the entertainment industry. We wanted you to know a little about them on this page. We salute the following Super Secret Service artists:

Ernest Pierce (Special Agent Davis)

Ernest Pierce
Ernest Pierce, a professional model for over ten years relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago, IL. Ernest started working live theater in Chicago and New York for Off-Broad Plays and Musicals, some consisting of FAME, CATS, Westside Story, Something’s Afoot, The Piano Lesson, Jane Eyre and many more.

While working as a model, he started working in film in 2004 with notable credits such as Dance Flick, Home wrecker, Death of a President, Chocolate News and others. Ernest has also produced and directed over four films currently circling the film festival market. Additionally, He was originally introduced Leroy Berry the father of Rachel Berry from hit TV show Glee in the pilot episode.

Ernest currently  is starring in a new television show produced by Larry Kennar entitled DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles). DTLA is a story about a group of friends living in DTLA looking for happiness within the LA society and learning what it means to build friendships with all the added challenges and benefits. Feel free to follow Ernest on twitter and face book via ernestpierce as screen name.

Here check out an episode of the Tip Jar Lunatic~!


Michael Beardsley (Stock Clerk)

Michael BeardsleyMichael Beardsley
Click to EnlargeOriginally from Northern California, Michael has been in Los Angeles ever since he burst onto the scene in 1999 with a small role in the short-lived, but critically acclaimed NBC show “Freaks and Geeks.” Since then, Michael had played everything from a retarded mental patient to an incompetent hit man, to a serial killer.

Michael graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s degree, but he says that his degree isn’t nearly as useful as the training he’s indulged in since moving to Los Angeles. His preferred acting techniques include Michael Chekhov and Stanford Meisner, though only other actors are likely to know those names.

In Rowby Comedies’ “Super Secret Service” Michael plays a market employee gets caught up in the Tip Jar crisis — and becomes one of the suspects!

Visit Michael’s website at

Elisa Eliot (Reporter Mona Belcher)

Elisa EliotElisa Eliot
Click to EnlargeElisa Eliot began her professional acting career in grade school singing with the renowned Houston Grand Opera.  She went on to attend Yale University for Drama.  Some of Elisa’s notable on camera appearances include TV shows such as ABC’s Happy Endings, Chelsea Handler’s After Lately, and Nip Tuck, films Tales From the Grave II, Snatched, Necrosis and Caregive, and numerous commercials!  Some of Elisa’s favorite stage roles include Ado Annie in Oklahoma! Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, Truvy in Steel Magnolias, and Alice in Closer.

Elisa has also originated the roles of Michelle/Rain in Runway 69, Aquafina in King Kalimari, Noelle in Publicityville, and quite a few quirky characters in the Quickies! Series.  Elisa is also Founder and Owner of the renowned Elisa Eliot’s Acting Studio, and, as random as it sounds, also invented a way to exterminate termites!

Kelsey Hewlett (Girl in Market)

KelseyKelsey Hewlett
Click to EnlargeKelsey Hewlett is a proud native of northeastern Oklahoma.  She received a BFA in Acting and a BA in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma, and she is currently pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles.  Kelsey currently studies at the acclaimed Groundlings Studio and has four independent films slated for release in the summer of 2012.

In Rowby Comedies’ “Super Secret Service” Kelsey plays a customer who attracts Brentwood Village Market’s “employee” Michael Beardsley eye.

Visit Kelsey’s website at

Malena Teves (Girl with Dog)

Malena-smallerMalena Teeves
Click to EnlargeIn Rowby Comedies “Super Secret Service” Malena Teves plays a Brentwood shopper who is shocked and outraged when she and her precious puppy witnesse Super Secret Servce’s Special Agent’ Kientz’ pants falling down.

Malena is a dramatic ‘Colouratura Soprano’ with a lot of soul.

She is renowned for her four octave range, as well as her sultry and seductive appearance.   At 15, she won a five state opera competition for her acapella version of “Adele’s Laughing Song” from Johann Strauss’ Operetta, Die Fledermaus.  Malena is often asked to sing our National Anthem at nationally publicized sporting events, which always brings a true American spirit to the fans on all sides.  Malena’s performances are captivating to watch and experience.  Her voice and movements are full of energy and sensuality.   Without fail Malena’s soul always pours out as she sings.  Many observers routinely mention her voice is so sultry you can’t keep your eyes off her.

Malena’s acting career began on Fox when she filmed 13 Nights of Fright with Neil Gaiman. She is different than most beautiful actresses as she wants to look odd and gravitates toward the crazy, deranged and insane characters.

Being beautiful on screen doesn’t matter to her in the least, neither does looking a little busty due to her larger than life curvaceous body we all know and love. She is also asked to do voice overs frequently as her voice is sexy AND cute. She does hilarious voices and is brilliant with accents. Malena has a strong personality and is loyal to a fault.  She is everyone’s Momma, loving and watching out for the whole crew. We were lucky to have her on our projects.

Daniel Kertesz (Kid with Posters)

daniel-fsDaniel Kertesz
Click to EnlargeDaniedaniel-wanted poster poseClick to Enargel Kertesz is a 10 year old aspiring actor who loves to be in front of the camera. He recently worked on a feature film that is awaiting funding. He was also in a short film and two national commercials. He loves to act, play musical instruments, and sports, including basketball, soccer, football and running.  Daniel also enjoys singing and dance including Hip-Hop.

Daniel has been studying acting since he was 4 years old, and has appeared in the short film “Sunday School Substitute”, has principal roles in national Nissan and Wall-Mart commercials.

Mark Hudson (Special Guest Appearance)

mark-hudson-purpleMark Hudson”I was a Hudson Brother, but now I’m me. I;ve worked with Ringo Starr, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Hanson, Celine Dion, Alice Cooper, Cher, Jars Of Clay, and more.”

As a producer Mark has inspired some of the best work from Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Hanson, Jars of Clay and many other artists.

Mark Hudson is a record producer, musician and songwriter based in both Los Angeles and New York City. After first rising to prominence as a performer, songwriter and TV personality in the 1970s as a member of the Hudson Brothers trio, Hudson achieved independent success as record producer and songwriter – working with a broad variety of artists including Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Hanson, Harry Nilsson, and the Baha Men.

Mark was the vocal director and backup vocalist for artists such as David Cassidy, Wayne Newton, Cher, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, Aaron Neville, Harry Nilsson, Hanson, Leif Garrett and more.

Mark has written with and for multi-platinum artists including Aerosmith, Burt Bacharach, Carole King, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Hanson, the Baja Men, Alice Cooper, Boy Zone, and Leann Rimes. His songs have appeared in films including Gremlins, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Its a Guy Thing, and Hysterical.

With Aerosmith, Hudson co-wrote the Grammy award-winning Aerosmith hit “Livin’ on the Edge” in 1993, and has since co-written a total of 12 Aerosmith songs. He co-produced their 2001 album Just Push Play, co-writing six of the album’s twelve songs. Hudson, along with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Marti Frederiksen, make up what has become known as the “Boneyard Boys”, the informal collective of songwriters, musicians and producers responsible for Aerosmith’s creative process.

Rick Jenkins (Director)

Rick Jenkins is the Director of Rowby Comedies “Super Secret Service”.

Rick has over 18 years in the entertainment industry, starting out as a concert promoter in the late 80’s, he put himself through college promoting music acts such as DJ Quik, X-Clan, and NWA. Always having a desire to work in the film and television industry in the mid 90’s Rick started one of the first streaming video internet companies, an internet media company featuring short films, documentary’s and musical performances of many of the musical acts he worked with in the past.

In 2004 Rick decided to go full time into film production and restructured his company to develop and produce feature films. The company was renamed ScreenMagic Films and to date he has successfully produced and distributed six major titles through companies such as York Entertainment, Image Entertainment and Vivendi/Universal Entertainment. Rick has worked with talented actors such as Miguel Nunez, Gary Sturgis, Fredro Starr, comedian D’Militant and rappers Tha Dogg Pound.

Christian Moder (Music)

Christian Moder MusicianChristian Moder – Click to EnlargeChristian Moder wrote the musical soundtrack for Rowby Comedies’ “Super Secret Service”.

Christian Moder is the drummer/pianist for the critically acclaimed Chicago rock band, The Great Crusades (Glitterhouse Records).   Moder and the Great Crusades were recently nominated for the Best Song – Television HMMA award (2011) for their song, “Bucket of Blood”, heard in the season four finale of HBO’s True Blood.

Currently the composer for Ruby’s Studio, (children’s DVD series produced by the Mother Company), Moder has also composed commercial music for Toshiba, Pedigree, Zappos, Britta, Fox Rent-a-Car, and Sony Imageworks.  Moder contributed a dark, brooding score to the film Zooey, which some listeners likened to “the Velvet Underground meets the Kronos Quartet.”   His film scores include, The Rest of My Life, The Pier, and PCH, and the documentaries Courage: Profiles in Creativity and Killer Weather.

Moder also composed soundtracks and songs for the Los Angeles Repertory Theater’s production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the Company of Angels contemporary production of Romeo and Juliet, and the Los Angeles premiere of the Charles Busch play Red Scare on Sunset.  Moder has also directed an abundance of children’s musical theater over the last decade, for which he received nominations for the Golden Apple Award and the DisneyHand Award.

Moder is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in film scoring and composition and pursued his Masters of Music studying composition with John M. Kennedy at California State University, Los Angeles.

When not working on soundtracks or touring Europe and beyond with the Crusades, Moder is the founder of Carousel Moon, a thriving company that specializes in creating personalized songs and lullabies for children and parents alike, in addition to offering quality music education.

Zang Angelfire (Sound Recordist – Boom Operator)

zang-angelfireZang Angelfire
Click to EnlargeZang Angelfire has been a Guitarist for more than twenty five years. He has also been a working Recording Engineer and Record Producer for more than fifteen years.

As a Guitarist Zang has played with several bands and done various recording sessions. My biggest hit so far was a techno metal version of the classic “Lets Dance”. It was a Smash Hit in Luxemborg!

As a Recording Engineer and Producer Zang has done projects in many of the top recording studios in Los Angeles, including, Ocean Way, Paramount, Cherokee, Goldstar, Mystic, United Western, Studio 55, Evergreen, Pasha, Hitsville, Summa,Fiddlers,Sound City, The Record Plant, Sunset Sound, etc.

He has worked with many Multi Platinum Recording Artists and Producers.

Some of the producers, bands, and bands whose members Zang has worked with include:

  • Berry Gordy (Motown founder).
  • Bob Este (producer of Barbara Streisand , Cher , Donna Summer , Bette Midler ,etc.)
  • Hal Davis (producer of Diana Ross , The Jackson Five , Marvin Gaye, etc.)
  • Ken Scott (producer of Supertramp , David Bowie , etc.)
  • Zang has also worked with:

Santana, Star Parodi, The Arsenio Hall Band, Glen Hughes, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Patrick Moraz, The Moody Blues, Vivian Campbell, Dio, Whitesnake, Def Lepard, Henry Rollins, Black Flag, Sparks, Herman Rarbell, The Scorpions, Bill Champlin, Chicago, George Benson, Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Toto, Philip Bailey, Earth Wind and Fire, The Four Tops, Vanity, Bunny Brunell, Mott The Hoople, The Talking Heads, Jane Wiedlin, The Go Gos, Stanley Clark, Boz Scaggs, Christopher Cross, Roberta Flack, The Temptations, Chris Squire, Jon Anderson and Yes.

As Chief Engineer at “Brian Elliot Recording Studios,” Zang assisted Brian with the writing and production of Madonna’s hit song “Papa Don’t Preach.” He has also recorded many TV show and Movie Soundtracks.

Zang has worked on feature films, TV shows, and music videos as a production coordinator, location sound mixer, boom operator, grip, electrician, PA, actor, extra, set designer, ADR, post production sound mixer, and digital video editor.


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Many actors in LA are making their career happen with producing their own films. Ernest Pierce is one of those actors that is making it happen with innovative creativity and grasping the concepts of film at the palm of his hands. Over the years, Ernest has always wanted to be in film and television. Never did he think he would be producing, writing and directing not only his own films but the films of others. Over the previous 3 years, Ernest Pierce has directed over six independent short films and produced over eight films in total. Take of look at some of the wonderful creations from this filmmaker.

Alex Mendez

March 2012