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Ernest Pierce photographs for HiStreet

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HiStreet Accessories collaborated with Model Ernest Pierce in February of 2018 on a campaign to increase social media awareness. Ernest Pierce joined with Cassandra Pravoukos Photography and HiStreet Accessories to create some amazing advertising collages. Check it out!


Ernest Pierce

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Pilot season is up and running with many actors vying for a chance to be in a new and upcoming show this season. Ernest Pierce is also in this mix of hopefuls to land a role with a few amazing shows that is deemed to have spectators looming….

Ernest Pierce

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2018 has proven to be a non-stop go for Ernest as he is currently filming a feature with Daniel Foxx and just finished a feature with Lionsgate. Stay tuned for more great info from this guy!

Ernest Pierce accepts new role in pilot

Posted in Uncategorized on April 6, 2017 by TMendezLA

Ernest Pierce has agreed to accept an undisclosed role in an experimental Syfy pilot for a new series. The series will be filming for 6 weeks in Canada and Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more information regarding this project.



Ernest Pierce

Ernest Pierce into 2017

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Finishing with the release of Witchcraft Ernest Pierce is featured in Fashion X Magazine for the Spring Campaign of 2017. Here is a sneak peak of what Ernest Pierce has been up to. Don’t forget to follow Ernest at #ernestpierce on instagram and twitter.

Ernest Pierce 2017small

Actor/Model Ernest Pierce

Fashion 2

Actor Model/ Ernest Pierce

Ernest Pierce interviews with Lipstick TV for the tv show CHEETAH IN AUGUST

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Ernest Pierce who plays Anthony in the hit LGBT Television show by BAWN MEDIA and AMAZON PRIME filmed an interview session with SHAR JOSSELL from LIPSTICK TV with the Cast of CHEETAH IN AUGUST. Here are some behind the scenes images of the interview.

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Ernest Pierce with co-star ensemble in the new 2017 film “Make America Great Again?” written and directed by Candice Vernon.

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It’s 2021, the beginning of the second term after the most anticipated Presidential election in 2016. The 13th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution have been rewritten. Minorities have become illegal Aliens in an attempt to throw all disenfranchised groups in concentration camps, separating them from normal society as we know it. In Los Angeles, we meet a small group of runaways hiding out in an abandoned church debating how to get out the country. While the tone is overly dramatic and comical, it is through their conversations we learn about each characters struggles with identity and self acceptance. Although they butt heads in the beginning they ultimately form a bond of unity to survive.
Check out some behind the scenes and sneak peaks of the film and the trailer!

Make America Great Again? Ernest Pierce