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Ernest Pierce

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Ernest Pierce a Chicago and New York Model relocated to Los Angeles, CA  in 2008. He has working primarily as an actor in Regional and National campaigns over the years and collectively with his management team has decided to continue working as a model. “Modeling whether print or live always has been an enjoyable experience.” Ernest says; we look forward to hearing more great things from this rising star as his work has definitely proven to turn heads and produce results….

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Attached are some other samples of Ernest Pierce Print Photography from this year with various campaign ads.

Ernest Pierce (c) Cutting Edge Men 2012


Ernest Pierce creator of Damien’s Quest Introduces New Season Release

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Damien’s Quest 2012

Damien’s Quest is a show that exist in a heightened reality. The concept of the show follows the story of Damien Johnson an Advertising Executive who happens to be a work-a-holic, sex-a-holic, therapy addict, mamas-boy, Advocate for children’s rights and serial dater! With all that said, Damien is lookin for himself in the world we live in. He is trying to find out exactly who he is in relationship to the world. His over analytical personality allows him to adapt to almost any situation but also pushes him in environments whereby he would not rather rationalize the purpose of being… His family and friends exist on this psychological rift of learning about Damien; but also have little pieces of Damien within themselves. As the show progresses you learn a little more about Damien’s each episode. His desires, weaknesses, strengths and people who surrounds him in these environments and much more. Pierce Productions and host of collaborates represent the show on a level that develops all truths and possibilities without leaning one way or another according to society. Each episode ranges from 10-15 minutes each connecting all characters and storylines. “The show is fresh, new and unpredictable” Join Damien’s Quest this season for ride of your life.

New Webseries “Damien’s Quest” Starring Ernest Pierce

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Damien has a new millennium frame of mind that everything is accessible without consequences. Somehow his decisions always end up in the most interesting positions both in and out of the bed.  Check out a sneak peak of a snippet of the series…

Feel free to follow Ernest on Twitter for all upcoming updates!

Ernest Pierce plays Leroy Berry on Glee

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Actor Ernest Pierce was original cast as Leroy Berry for the hit musical television show “GLEE.”
Leroy Berry (Ernest Pierce) and Hiram Berry (Rob Steiner) were original known as the two “gay” dads of the television show that wanted a child so much that they decided to create the child they’ve always wanted. So, they put their wonderful sperm together found a donor Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel).

Ernest Pierce as Leroy Berry in Glee Television Series