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Ernest Pierce

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Ernest Pierce a Chicago and New York Model relocated to Los Angeles, CA  in 2008. He has working primarily as an actor in Regional and National campaigns over the years and collectively with his management team has decided to continue working as a model. “Modeling whether print or live always has been an enjoyable experience.” Ernest says; we look forward to hearing more great things from this rising star as his work has definitely proven to turn heads and produce results….

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Attached are some other samples of Ernest Pierce Print Photography from this year with various campaign ads.

Ernest Pierce (c) Cutting Edge Men 2012


Ernest Pierce & Actress Comedian Luenell Campbell

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Ernest Pierce & Luenell Campbell are a duo that you can’t help but to watch. These two actors definitely have on-screen comedic chemistry in the upcoming television series DTLA….

Ernest Pierce & Actress Comedian Luenell Campbell

Ernest Pierce & Luenell


Ernest Pierce begins new feature film with director Anthony Coleman

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Dancing has always been an outlet for people around the world to show their communication in the physical arts. Whether it be in praise, entertainment, telling a story or just plain fun it has been and continues to be a pinnacle form of America’s big screen entertainment. Not to mention a box office hit no matter what genre. This month Ernest Pierce began filming the new film Stepper’s “The High School Years.” Stepping has been a form of dancing originating in the midwest over the years with African American communities. Ernest tells us that growing up he used to step with his family during monthly functions. Throughout high school stepping was a way to bring the African American communities together. So, of course when Ernest Pierce heard about the film following this genre, he jumped to push his agent to be apart of this wonderful project. With no surprise over a series of four callbacks Ernest booked the role of a character called “Preacherman.



Check out some footage of exactly what Stepping is….

Stepping “The High School Years” is currently in production throughout the summer of 2012. Stay tuned for more information regarding this feature film.