Burbank Examiner Ron Irwin Interviews Ernest Pierce about Film Career

Story by: Ron Irwin
July 22, 2014

When you are born on the South side of the City of Chicago, one of the roughest areas in one of the toughest cities in America you have basically two choices. You can either get swept away in the meanness, join a gang and most likely die young, or you can quickly develop strong survival skills and laser like focus. Fortunately rapidly rising actor, producer and writer Ernest Pierce chose the path of strength and focus.

At the age of just 16 while attending Harper High School, one of the worst schools in America. Ernest Pierce took an interest in acting for the brilliantly practical reason of overcoming his shyness. At that point he had absolutely no real sense of fame and fortune, red carpets and Hollywood galas; it was a practical thing and another manifestation of his enormous survival skills that brought young Ernest to the stage. With the loving help of his grandmother Ernest took a path of enrichment and positive growth. His positive choices took him to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. There he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. He had conquered his shyness and the dangers of the inner city and he was then ready to move ahead into to the world of acting and film making.

Ernest Pierce did what most aspiring actors do, he moved to Hollywood. But unlike most aspiring actors Ernest hit the ground running quickly landing roles in “Batman Begins”, “Derailed” and “Death of a President.” That was in 2005 and 2006. By now Ernest has accumulated nine Producer credits, eight Writer credits, seven Director credits, two credits as a Casting Director and two Editor credits. This is in addition to his impressive thirty seven acting credits. Frankly this is more than most aspiring actors ever achieve. Yet the genuinely modest but totally focused Ernest Pierce sees his accomplishments to date as simply the beginning. Based upon what is public information coupled with what I have been privileged to observe personally I believe he is absolutely correct in his view. He has the good looks, exudes an abundance of true talent but most of all Ernest is totally and unshakably focused.

I met Ernest Pierce when I became briefly involved in a little film project by the name of “A Tennis Shoe in the Street.” How Ernest got involved is yet another example the true depth of his character. As is very typical in Hollywood, Ernest Pierce was introduced to the project by his friend Director Danny Foxx. Danny introduced Ernest to the film’s producers Tisha Draft and Kim Kopf and they immediately offered him a cameo role. Ernest politely but firmly said “Thanks, but no thanks” and handed them his acting reel. For those not involved in the world of film and television an “acting reel” is a video showing the actor performing. Once they had watched his acting reel he was offered a very substantial role as the character Pete Diamond. Once on board the project a powerful sense of camaraderie and mutual respect developed amongst cast and crew.

“A Tennis Shoe in the Street” is a fun feel good film with feature film potential. Principal photography is done and the project is currently nearing completion of its post production process. The goal is to then enter the film into to top film festivals such as Sundance and Cannes. With the skill, drive and commitment of everyone involved there is an excellent chance that the project will ultimately receive the support it needs to move into the feature film and broad release category. You can follow this fascinating project by checking it out here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3541174/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1.

I have come to know the good folks working on “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” and I truly believe it has enormous potential. But whatever happens with that project I have no doubt whatsoever about the ultimate massive success of Ernest Pierce. not so much because he is a great actor or a really good looking man, but because I know well what it takes not only to survive but to move on and thrive when your life begins in one of the toughest parts of one of the roughest cities in America, Chicago. It is the well developed and extremely powerful survival skills and sharp unwavering focus of Ernest Pierce that will carry him across the goal line. It also doesn’t hurt that Ernest is also just one really nice man. For a more complete biography on Ernest Pierce you may check: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2720736/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm.

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Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin



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