Ernest Pierce

American Actor Ernest Pierce career began in 96′ Ernest traveling with a theater company where he played a series of characters with a program called SWAP. Received high recognitions for his performances. Ernest traveled to Africa to perform with the group in 99′. Realizing his passion in the Arts, Ernest studied musical theater and vocal performance for six years at the University of Illinois. During his education Ernest landed leading roles shortly afterwards such as TYRONE in the hit 80’s musical FAME. Boy Willy in The Piano Lesson, the Bulter in Something’s Afoot and other productions such as Jane Eyre, West Side story, Son of a Preacher Man, Sleepy Hallow and a host of others. In 2001 Ernest studied television and radio broadcasting where he began to work at the local city college as a guest host personality for station WKKC and later with the campus station at African American Cultural Center U or I station. His education did not stop there while working as a professional model in Chicago and New York Ernest, obtained a Bachelors of Science in Health and Business Administration minoring in Theater and Speech Communication. He landed national campaigns such as Walgreen’s Hyatt Regency Hotels, Subway, McDonald’s, Motorola, American Medical Association and many more regional ads over the year. Working with Encore talent management Ernest was a favorite among many of the casting directors. The film career of Ernest started in 2003 with Independent projects, some were Death of a President by Borough Productions,Nice Threads of Kafko Productions and Enter the Nightmare, realizing he wanted more in the industry. Ernest relocated to Los Angeles in 2008 and has gained substantial parts in over ten independent films naming a few; Sacred Whispers, Mike’s Ghost, Something Else, The Roommate, It’s always Smoggy in LA, Situations and many more. In 2008 Ernest was introduced as the Hit Pilot Episode of Glee as one of Rachel Berry’s fathers. Additionally crossing over to other comedic roles her has played the the comedic pool boy Donovan in the film Home wrecker, the unpredictable Crackhead in the Wayan Bros hit comedy Dance Flick, the lead character Wentworth in “It’s Always Smoggy in LA web series” and the memorable slave in The Chocolate News. In 2010 Ernest started writing/directing/producing web based films and television shows which are currently circulating in the film festival market and online. These films are called Something Else, The Conflict of Ms. Boston and Innocent Eyes, Damien’s Quest, Relationships and others. Currently he is producing his four short film and have a host of new projects. Ernest signed with Rage Models and studying at various performance schools in Los Angeles. He has obtained two real estate licenses in California and Illinois and just finished his second degree in Performing Arts at Pierce College of Los Angeles. Landing the role of Stephan in the new television series DTLA Ernest is definitely working his way up the ladder to becoming a pinnacle in Entertainment. For more up to date information, follow Ernest at or email him rep/publicist at info@ernestpierceonline.comImage

 Ernest Pierce


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  1. He looks like a really good model!

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