New Information Regarding Project DTLA co-starring Ernest Pierce are writing to let you know of some important developments on our show. If you have any questions, please contact us.

RE:  DISTRIBUTION – Premiere of our Show                                                          

We have just come up with a new agreement with OUT TV Canada that we are excited about.

Given all the activity around our show, we have agreed to push our premiere to the first week of July to take advantage of OUT TV Canada’s HD format content launch.

With this new lead time, we will be building momentum for our show’s premiere via an advertising campaign during OUT TV Canada’s telecast of RuPaul’s “Drag Race.” Our intention is to have a new trailer done by next week to initiate the campaign.

Moreover, we have signed a deal with OUT TV Canada to represent the show internationally, and thus far, we have received interest from France, Germany, Denmark and England for both television and web distribution.

As far as domestic distribution is concerned, we are in conversations with several companies, and once the show is completed, we will lock domestic distribution for a similar distribution window as OUT TV Canada, or for a Fall premiere.

RE: Executive Music Producer/Music Supervisor joins DTLA team

We are excited to announce that Executive Music Producer/Music Supervisor, and close friend to Larry Kennar, Julia Michels will be working on our show.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Julia on board. If you would like to view her amazing list of projects, please go to:

RE: Loeb & Loeb to represent DTLA

Thanks to Helene Shaw, the series is now being represented by one of the world’s most prestigious entertainment law firms, Loeb & Loeb. Fore more information on them, please go to:

RE: Photographer Ryan Forbes to create DTLA Editorial Campaign

Photographer Ryan Forbes will be creating the editorial campaign for our show. Ryan comes to us via Helene Shaw, the twosome worked on another project together. We are incredibly lucky to have him, and to check out Ryan’s work, please go to:

The information from this blog entry originated from the kickstarter page located here blog manager is not responsible for the validity of the information below:



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