Ernest Pierce Interviews with Cox Television Station

Christianity and the Arts play a large role in many peoples around the world. Did you know that Ernest used to work as an educational instructor for the Chicago Public High Schools and Charter School system? Additionally, Ernest volunteered over twenty hours a week for many years giving back to underprivileged youth seeking an outlet in the arts where there were no funding available. I had the chance to ask Ernest a few questions about his experience in Chicago.

TM: Hey Ernest, good to see you again…

EP: Thanks Tony, I can’t help it, you’re keeping tabs on me with your blogs. Hahah…

TM: So, you used to work, teaching at the Chicago Public High Schools and Charter Elementary Schools?

EP: Oh wow, the memories, yes…

TM: What was that like?

EP: It was breathtaking. To see a children develop in the arts and express themselves so freely through the medium of acting and music, I was blessed to have experienced that in my life. I was able to help teach, train and provide these students with skills on and off stage.

TM: So, is that something you plan to continue?

EP: Always Tony, one reason that I am an actor is because I am able to reach others and give back in so many ways. I know what it is like to grow up in the inner city of Chicago of Englewood. When someone believes in you, it makes a huge difference. I learn when I am with them.

TM:  Have you had the chance to give back here in Los Angeles?

EP: I try my best as much as I can to reach out to some of the inner city schools. I helped a friend Mike Kerr the principal of KIPP Empower Academy in Los Angeles earlier in the year set up his new, moving some things around and setting up some of the classrooms. Totally loved it!

TM: Recently, you just interviewed with Sheila Stephens a Christian Host of Cox Television Station and Entrepreneur about a recent project you just worked on.

EP: Yes, I played a character in the film “SWORDPLAY” by Tami Devine, that found the cure of Breast Cancer. Wow, that was a pretty great role! It was an honor to work with so many inspirational people. Keeps me doing what I do! Sheila was apart of this project and asked me to join her in a new project for her television show.

TM: Seems like you just keep it moving forward! Congrats on all your work. Looking forward to chatting with you some more. Below everyone can read about Sheila and some of her interactions with the Public and Outreach Programs.

EP: Thanks Tony….

COX Television Station

Ernest Pierce with Sheila Stephens


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